Campbell’s Snack Social


In 2023’s Halloween, the client was asking for some sort of “retro or throwback” kind of post with their product. It was pretty open ended, and we had felt inspired by old Halloween illustrations from when we were kids. Client loved the idea, and I then made a set of illustrations inspired by those Halloween images of yore.

For Valentine’s Day, we mocked up a Tinder-inspired dating app to showcase the range of cracker’s available to take home *wink wink*.

Pisces SZN
The client often requests fun content involving the brand’s history. We integrated the history of the cracker (Without naming the inventor of Goldfish, because aparantly he was a jerk) and created a 3 frame story to coincide with the Pisces seasonal timeline we were in.

Flavor Blasted Forever Another request for brand history, yet this time we were tasked with having the liberty to rewrite the future. Out of all the things that we took too far and were cut, I can’t believe they let me strap a cracker to a booster rocket.
This one didn’t make it, but was my favorite future.


Inspirational Typography
An Instagram post with a quick and hopefully inspiring phrase to hopefully encourage the customer to relax, make it through the day, and have a lil treat.

Accept Cookies
A post playing off of that annoying pop-up that has taken over EVERY. SINGLE. WEBSITE. Remind me to deselect cookies, so I don’t get a weird suggested purchases algorythm. (I aparantly am a candy-obsessed farmer) 

Indulgent Expression
We were asked to show a series of Instagram posts to showcase the cookie itself, in a fun way, without too of the post distracting from the cookie itself. Testing the water here, so if you are reading this and there is only one image, either it didn’t go great, or its still July and we havn’t moved forward with anything else.


Pretzel Dreams
A (currently two post) series showcasing the pretzels in a fantastical setting. We were asked with having an exploration in taking the product in a new direction. And...this is where we took it.

National Pretzel Day
There is a national day for everything now, and we decided to showcase America’s forgotten snack: The Pretzel. I honestly cannot believe I got away with this, but it had decent enagement, and everyone on the team and the clients had a fun time.

What am I doing?

Through the branch of Publicis PXP, I work on the social media team creating the concepting and execution of 3 brands of Campbell’s Snacks:

Goldfish Crackers, their flagship snack product. Aimed at the most diverse group of customers (basically everyone) but focusing on Gen-Z and younger millenials who are gaining independence, but still enjoy a favorite snack of their childhood. Fun fact: the first ingrediant is smiles.

Milano Cookies, the most distinctive of the Pepperidge Farm portfolio, Milano cookies are an elevated treat, Millenial women are the core audience, looking for a snack that says having a little treat is self-care. The most asthetic of the trio.

Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels; the problem child. Despite their versatility and astounding bone structure, an old-fashioned pretzel just doesn’t stand out on its own in a sea of flourescent chips. Targeting Millenial-ish men(ish?), it’s social content to engage folks with memes, fun distractions, and salty takes.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles