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FUN NEWS (maybe): I also have an Etsy for some stupid shirts:

*Snakob Shop*


BIG PIG poster! 
Hang it from your own walls! Hide it in a drawer! Use it to soak up spilled coffee!

Heck No Tech Bro

It was just a conceptual poster! Now it is a sticker! Sticker background is actually clear, which is great if you really want those legs to pop.

Regrets Zine

Own a copy of design history! Includes 24 regrets and one Deathwich sticker.

Deathwich Sticker

Wow, the price break on these was really good. Printed by (they rule!)

Hang in there! Sticker

uh, its like, holographic too, how ok is that?

Life is tough rn! It might not get better, it might get worse! But the future is in our hands! Hold on, keep fighting, fuck the patriarchy, and just HANG ON. It’s a wild ride.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles